About Us

  Hi! We are Paulo and Diogo. We will talk about our school!

  Our school is Soeiro Pereira Gomes and it’s located in São João dos Montes in Alhandra, Portugal.We have Portuguese, Maths, Science, French, Physical education, Geography, History, Maths Workshop, English, Physics and Chemistry, Art and Information and Communication Technology. We always have classes in the morning but on Monday and Thursday we have classes in the afternoon too.

  We have six buildings. At the gym we have Physical Education. In three main buildings we have all kinds of classes. Another one has a Canteen and the Students ‘Common Room. The last is a little class near the sports field.We have a lot of clubs in this school. We have the Drama Club, Dance Club, Badminton Club, Basketball Club, Science Club and the Art Club.

  Our favourite school facilities are the playground because  we enjoy talking with the other classmates, the sports field because we are fond of playing basketball and the library where we read books and play on computers. Our favourite subjects are Physical Education because we like team work and sports and Maths because we love doing calculations and working out problems. Our favourite activities are going to the library, read books and playing football.

  In our school there are two cultural-wise events. One is called Day of Goodwill and we don´t have classes. On that day we can do a lot of things like painting on the schools walls and repainting all the classrooms. Families can come and help too. We search for problems like broken windows, chairs, tables and boards so we can repair them and actually at the end there’s free food for everyone that helped.
The other day is School Day. On that day we skip classes and we can take part in different activities related to our favourite subjects.  ALL DAY LONG! Isn’t that just fantastic?!







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