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Tv – Pros and Cons

Hello everyone!

My name is Paulo and I will talk a little about TV.

Television is a hobby in almost everyone’s life but watching television can have advantages (pros) and disadvatages (cons):

TV programs designed for children can be very interactive, making kids think, learn, improving their creativity, and improving problem solving skills but TV can display violence and if children watch toomany they will think that it is normal;

There are other intelligent TV shows and channels for people who want to be mentally stimulated, however TV can be addictive and it can take up a lot of your time;

-It is a good way to pass time but on the other hand TV makes you and your kids lazy, it may weaken your metabolism, get you fat and slow your motor reflexes;

Tv is a good way to be entertained. However TV can decrease your attention span because you are used to short blurts of information and this makes you impatient if it takes too long for someone to make a point;

Publicity can show products that can make our lives easier but on the other hand TV can make us buy things that we don´t need;

It is a good way to be informed about everything that happens around the world ;

There are the most variable channels on TV,  so you can watch everything you want but TV weakens your imagination because everything is shown to you and all you have to do is sit back and relax;

Families can watch TV together and that can bring them closer but it can also mean less time for family interaction and interaction with other people.


In my opinion TV can be really great if we watch less hours. Parents should care more about what children watch and make them watch some educational programs.  It shouldn’t takes us time when we should be doing something way more important.

My favourite show is Lab Rats from Disney Channel!

So what is your favorite TV Show? Talk a bit about it!