Paulo’s Dream School

In my Dream School students have to bring tablets to class instead of books.There are a lot of classrooms to have all kinds of classes, a gym and a big playground.

In classes we have Portuguese, Maths, Science, French, Physical Education, Geography, History, Maths Workshop, English, Physics and Chemistry, Art, Information and Communication Technology and Spanish.

Near the gym and the sports field we have a big swimming pool where we sometimes have a swim at Physical Education.

Teachers make the students pay attention and are never “rude”. Students have to pay attention and they don’t do silly things in class.

In my Dream School there are many clubs: the Sports club, Drama club, Gaming club, Art club, Gardening club and Cooking club.

This is my Dream School!


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10 thoughts on “Paulo’s Dream School”

  1. Hi, my name is Kristi! I come from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. I came here because of the #16stubc. The school you are talking about sounds kind of like my school, like I am typing on my tablet that was given to me by the school right now! Sometimes I don’t realize how different some schools are, and how some schools have more privileges than other. Come visit my blog at

    1. Hi Kristi!
      In my school that is in Portugal we use books and we have only the library to go to the computers, only for thirty minutes.
      I have to assume i got curious about your school, could you say more about your school?

      1. In my school, we bring tablets to class, and that is where we do most of our work. We only have to pay for them if we break them, and some people bought insurance so they wouldn’t have to pay a lot of money if you break one. We do not have a swimming pool or a big playground, but we have a tennis court, a basketball court, a football field, a track, and a library (which is so huge!). I am also curious about your school, like what do you guys do culture-wise? We have Celebration West Ridge every year, which is where you skip half of school and spend the rest of the day at this awesome festival where you just hang out with your friends, eat food, and go on rides!

        1. Hi Kristy!
          Actually in my school there is two cultural-wise events.
          One it’s called day of school and we don´t have classes, in that day we can do a lot of things like paint good things on the schools wals and paint all the classroom ,we search for problems like break windows, chairs, tables and boards so we can repair them and actually on the end are free food for everyone that help.
          The other day it’s called the free time school in that day we can have activities about our favourit subjects ALL THE DAY isn’t that just fantastic.

  2. Hi Paulo! I would love this dream school I think it would be so much better, and I totally agree with everything you’ve said. Awesome post!

  3. Hi Paulo,
    I love all of your dreams for a school. I love all the clubs you included and how it would provide a lot of variety to the school. My dream school includes dance classes and acting classes. My school does have drama, but not dance. Great post!

    ~ Isabella

  4. Hi Paulo,

    That’s a really a nice dream school there. Whoa. Now I want to go to that dream school! Except, we already bring computers and tablets to school. That’s okay, you might have it too, soon. I hope your dream school will come alive soon! Mine too!


  5. Hi Paulo,
    The school you are talking about seems amazing. I completely agree with your statements . My Dream School would be quite similar, but we a dance studio, a NBA sized basketball court, and acting class. My real school has some of the aspects you mentioned, so your dram school is all completely possible.

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