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I got to explore the FlipBoard magazine and saw three really nice posts that got my attention so I left a comment on them.

The first post was made by Lea. In her post she talks about her Art Classes and her watercolor painting and I made the following comment:

“Hi Lea!3bf52c79bd7f26509728f2c230782405
I really love your watercolor painting.
I like very much the Art Classes but we never paint with watercolors.
In your post you say that you chose to have Art Classes. That leads me to a question.
Do you only have Art classes or did you join an Art Club?
Here is the URL to my blog: https://paulo8spg.edublogs.org

The second post was made by Alex . In his post he talks about what a good comunity should be like and I made the following comment:

“Hi Alex,team-386673-2fmv4uq-400x300
I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you,a good comunity is more than just having friends to hang out with when you’re bored. A community is when we all communicate,care about each other,  have fun together and when we need each other we are there for them.
Come check out my blog: https://paulo8spg.edublogs.org/             Bye!”

The third and final post was made by Noah. In his post he talks about his Puppie.

“Hi Noah!!sam_0916-2cc6n0r-300x225
I am very sensitive about animals because I love them all. They are so cute I have a little cat that is white and yellow. He is super energetic and he is very sneaky. He is 1 year old but he’s still very small and cute.
Here  is my blog URL: https://paulo8spg.edublogs.org/
Bye! “


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