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Holidays: Time of Freedom

Hello everyone!!!

In my Summer Holidays I went to Algarve which is in the South of Portugal. When my summer holidays started I stayed at home because my parents were still working and I had martial arts training.

When August started I went to Algarve for a month. I went camping with a caravan. It was really a happy moment when I saw my friends. At night we played cards, monopoly or told funny stories. Almost everyday I went to the beach with my friends. The water was cold but I went in anyway and sometimes I brought my inflatable turtle and relaxed on it.

On the last days of August I went to a water park.  It was Fantastic and I love the Kamicase which is a slide that allows us to go super fast. We had a picnic at a picnic site there. That was the best day of my holidays!

The worst day of my summer was when it was raining and the lights went out all day long.

In some near summer Holidays I would love to go to Paris!

Bye!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Paulo D.