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Paulo’s Favourite Places in Portugal

I am Paulo and I want to write about my favourite places in Portugal. But first of all you have to know where Portugal is. So Portugal is located in the South West of Europe. My favourite places in Portugal are the city of Porto and the Algarve.

The Algarve is located in the Faro district, which is situated in the South of Portugal.The first place that I love in Algarve are absolutely the BEACHES. My favourite one is Pintadinho Beach but I also like the Molhe Beach, Big Beach and Rocha Beach and in two of these there are lighthouses, one with a green light and another one with a red light. The Red one is located on Rocha Beach and the Green one is located on Molhe Beach. What’s great about this is that at night we can see the red light and green light from Pintadinho Beach.

The sand is white and, some days, there are beautiful sand sculptures. The last that I can remember was a big turtle,and on the sand we can find beautiful shells of all sizes and forms. The water is a little cold but not too much.

My second favourite places in the Algarve are the WATER PARKS. My favourite one is Slide and Splash but I also like  the Zoo Marine, Aqua Show and AquaLand. Three of them are near where I usually stay but the Aqua Show is very far way.

In the Water Paks I do picnics and go on the slides, my favourite slides are the fastest ones. I love three of the atractions. The Kamikaze that we go on really really fast, but I have to wait long because of the queue and I get bored. The Soft Tracks are the fastest and I don’t have to wait much and the Slide Three Meters Fall, that is very fast and at the end we fall three meters right into a pool. When I am tired my parents buy me a big drink that is called “granizado” with five different flavors, strawberry, banana, pear, blueberry, and coca cola. It’s absolutely delicious!

And now I would like to write about the City of Porto. It’s located in the Porto district, which is in the North West of Portugal.In Porto I like a lot of things. I like the Red Bus Tour, the Train, the hotels, the museums and the restaurants. But the thing that I liked most was going sightseeing, visiting monuments, exploring the city and seeing the beautiful views.

I visited Library Lello that is one of the most beautiful libraries in the whole world. The architecture is simply the most beautiful I have ever seen. And when it´s well-lit it looks like gold. There is beautiful well designed stained glass and the most exciting thing was that the famous writer J. K. Rowling that wrote Harry Potter got inspired there.

Actually I also visited the Cheese Castle and the Clérigos Tower.The Clérigos Tower is an enormous tower that is united with a sanctuary. To reach the top we learn a lot of religious things about God and Jesus, and when we reach the top we see all the City of Porto and also learn that the Clérigos Tower is one of the highest towers in the world.

I took these photos in Porto.

Paulo’s Favourite Things

Hello, I’m Paulo and I am thirteen years old.

My favourite thing is Playing Games because they made me disconnect from all bad things that happened on that day. When I finish I feel like a “hero” because I saved the world or another thing and that makes me really happy. Sometimes tears roll from my eyes but that’s rare because I need make a really special strong connection with the person I am playing with.

My favourite Game is Paper Mario Color Splash made by Nintendo.

I’m also fond of reading books, swimming and martial arts.